A Girl and Her Creek

When a girl finds a stream running suddenly down the middle of a favorite path, what is  to do?


“Tell me your secrets, stream.”


At first, she might, feeling a little warm in the remnants of her thick, fluffy winter coat, be content to lay in the stream and wallow a little to cool her fuzzy belly.

Soon, though, it became clear that this little rivulet would never do.

Probably some of the least contented wallowing I’ve ever seen.

Where did Nala’s new stream lead?



There, through the flowers and the brush, a secret pond awaited our intrepid explorer.


Patient curiosity rewarded; a clearly thrilled pup.

There was only one thing that could be done:



The gleeful wiggles of a successful adventure, captured mid-wag:

Possibly the happiest dog in the history of dogs

Happy weekend, everyone! May it be full of whatever gives you as much joy as your very own secret creek.

Up next: a book review! Stay tuned.

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