Nala gets mail!

She even opens it herself. (Those are really great toys, custom made for us by a lovely lady with an equally lovely Etsy shop, if you’re curious.) Thanks for watching! Do your dogs open their own mail?

The Toothache Tree

At the easternmost edge of our yard grows a tree covered in thorns. It yawns unassumingly against the fence during the damp, heavy heat of spring and summer and summer’s dog days, imitating the yard’s other, friendlier trees. Still, even when it is inconspicuous to us on the ground, the squirrels never leap onto its … More The Toothache Tree

Still Adventuring

Last year, I posted a few times about how badly I wanted to be able to let Nala explore the world off-leash whenever it would be safe and legal for her to do so on a hike. You may remember, though, that I had some reservations about doing so because Nala is environmentally sensitive. We’ve worked very hard … More Still Adventuring

Working Through Frustration – Positive Pet Training Blog Hop

At the beginning of this week, I knew exactly what I wanted to blog about for this month’s positive pet training blog hop. I was going to dash off a cheerful little post about one of my most chronic training foibles–as I’ve said before, I really struggle with raising criteria. Theoretically, I know what to … More Working Through Frustration – Positive Pet Training Blog Hop