Fit Dog Friday: Favorite Things

The weather is finally cooling off! Cross your fingers that it lasts, so that we can keep having spectacularly pleasant morning walks.

As lovely as our walks have been, I’ve learned something this week: walks are not enough for Nala. She has other needs. Needs that we’d like to share with you today!

Nala needs to trot back and forth along the fence line, leaping and bouncing and herding at squirrels.

meghan's photos 256meghan's photos 259meghan's photos 262meghan's photos 272

She loves zooming around her freshly mown yard:

meghan's photos 282IMG_4503

And digging:


And playing!


We’ve also been having some really lovely play sessions, but video stills don’t make great pictures! Still, trust me that lots of tugging has been afoot.

Isn’t she looking great? Clearly all of this cross training that Nala does outside of her walks is worthwhile!

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7 thoughts on “Fit Dog Friday: Favorite Things

  1. She is looking great! Walks aren’t enough for Barley, either, but when the weather is icky like it’s been this week, I realize just how important they are!


  2. We do racing in our yard, it is a ton of fun! Our weather has turned cool and we are loving morning walks with temps in the 30’s. We are a couple of wild dogs out there wanting to race and chase all the time. So much nicer than summer weather for us!

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  3. Blueberry is satisfied with walks – her other pasttime is snuggling. I miss having a dog that likes to play ball though! Sometimes I throw a racquetball against the house and catch it and hope that B will join in the fun but she usually ditches me and goes into the house to nap while I amuse myself.

    Nala looks great – so happy and in excellent shape!


    1. Nala won’t really chase a ball either! She vastly prefers to chase things that she can thrash and tug on. She’ll only play fetch with a ball (or two) when it is very, very cold outside.
      And thanks! I’m so happy that she’s fit again. 🙂


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