Squeakers are King

I’m beginning to run a series of experiments.*

First: a pile of beloved furry tug toys.

I really expected her to go for the Fenzi Frenzy, and she definitely kept trying to have the winner and that furry octopus thing in her mouth. But there was a clear winner...
I really expected her to go for the furry thing with the leather strips (third from the top), and she definitely considered it. But there was a clear favorite…

The winner had already been selected from the pile:

*CHOMP!* *squeak!*

How is this toy different?

  1. Novelty! This fox was a Gotcha Day present last month, and Nala has only gotten to play with it a few times. (Actually, I let her pick this toy out in the store herself–does she remember? Did that affect her choice?)
  2. Animal shaped and floppy! This toy has appendages, a face, and a furry tail. Nala loves doing victory laps while performing killing shakes of toys, and I guess getting hit in the face by legs is a bonus.
  3. Fake fur instead of sheepy goodness.
  4. SQUEAKERS! There’s at least one squeaker in the toy’s body, and another in it’s floppy, fuzzy tail.

Initially, this choice broke my heart a little–she picked the toy that allows her to just run off and squeak and eviscerate the toy by herself? Is playing with me not worth anything?

Then Nala made a choice that mended my heart right up:

"Let's tug on this!"
“Let’s tug on this!”

I’ll be doing more toy tests, going forward, but I definitely have some useful information: squeakers are king, but even squeakers are more fun with my company and help. I see more floppy, fuzzy, squeaky toys in Nala’s future, especially since one of our goals, once the weather cools off, will be to transfer some our play skills to the world outside of our house and yard.

*I’ve been meaning to get a better sense of what Nala’s toy preferences really are, and a post on one of my dog fora the other day inspired me to finally get started!

What’s your dog’s favorite toy? Why do they love it so?


2 thoughts on “Squeakers are King

  1. I’ve let Blueberry “pick” toys before – but when we get home, she wants nothing to do with it. She’s not really into toys. The only time she was keenly interested in them was when she helped me foster a puppy and then she felt it her motherly duty to train in him in the ways of playing with stuffies and fetching balls. Without a puppy around, I guess she’s much too refined and mature to play those silly games?

    I think it’s great you get to watch Nala have such fun with a toy – even if you aren’t included in her play time! And yes, I am pretty sure it is a bonus to have the fox appendages knock her in the face – it’s like it’s fighting back! 😉


    1. Oh my goodness, picturing Blueberry putting aside her refined sensibilities and teaching puppies to play and fetch is about the sweetest thing I’ve ever imagined. Heart. melting. ❤

      Yes! I love watching Nala be a dog and thrash stuff–it's wonderful to be around such a joyful creature. Having a spittle-sodden fox shoved in my hands is just icing on the cake!


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