Fit Dog Update!

This past weekend on our way to one of our favorite local greenbelts for a hike, Nala and I stopped in at the vet’s office to pick up our six month supplies of heartworm, flea, and tick preventive. Since we were there anyway, I decided it would be a great time for her to hop on the scale that first revealed exactly how overweight she had become back in April, when I discovered to my shock and horror that she weighed 75.8 lbs (way too much for her smallish GSD frame).

Nala is down to 68 lbs! That means she’s lost nearly 8 lbs in about 4.5 months. And while that seems kind of slow, that was deliberate–I wanted to build lean muscle and condition her at the same time and avoid saggy stomach skin, and I wasn’t sure what her ideal weight would be. She’s also down to the goal weight I was feeding for during most of the summer–I only adjusted my guess down to 65 or 63 lbs a few weeks ago.

Rally class has been cancelled for a few weeks due to extreme heat. When Nala pranced in this week, our trainer told us how svelte and wonderful Nala is looking, and I have to say that I agree!


Not the best two photos, but I think you can somewhat see the muscle definition in Nala’s chest and shoulders, and the contrast between her ribs, waist, and hips, in these photos of Nala tending the fence line to keep the squirrels in check.

I’ve also noticed a big difference in the way that Nala uses her body when we play tug lately–she seems lighter, more energetic, and more agile. Eight pounds make a huge difference, especially when that accounts for more than ten percent of your body weight!

Here’s the first article on our weight loss journey, detailing several of our activities: Confessional: on going from fat back to fit

An example of some conditioning exercises, including down-to-stand: Frustrated Fit Dog

And yesterday’s review of one of the new Honest Kitchen recipes, which includes a bit of discussion of our current approach to Nala’s diet: Nala Reviews: The Honest Kitchen’s Minimalist Marvel

We’ll keep feeding for an ideal weight of 64 lbs, doing our conditioning exercises to build strong, agile muscles, walking every day, and hiking on interesting terrain. I’m sure she’ll be a stunning athlete in no time!

This is part of the Fit Dog Friday blog hop! Be sure to click through and check out the offerings of our fellow bloggers!

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