Throwback Thursday

Nala’s first Gotcha Day is on Saturday, so what better time for a throwback?

This is a picture of the very first time that Nala ever got up onto the couch with me. It was about a week after we had brought her home. She was very, very sweet and cautious during that initial “honeymoon period” with us, and this first little bit of boldness made us both so happy.

gosh, so cute
I love how pleased and surprised she looks at her own daring.

Nala has turned out to be a very cuddly beast indeed. Still, just because we cuddle daily now doesn’t make this first act of being brave enough to express some affection any less special.

Early days with dogs, right? Better stop before I get too sentimental!

One thought on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Awe! Happy Gotcha Day to Nala! I can totally relate to those early days! The first time Phoenix was brave enough to give me kisses sent me over the moon with happiness!

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