Sensitive Dogs II: Games for Body Pressure

Last week, I talked about how Nala’s sweetness, smartness, and sensitivity is a blessing and a curse. It’s easy to be glad that she’s so sensitive when Nala is sympathetically cuddling me when I have a migraine. It’s harder when I’m worrying that adding a collar grab to her recall will poison the cue because she’s so … More Sensitive Dogs II: Games for Body Pressure

Frustrated Fit Dog

More than once, following Fit Dog Friday posts, I’ve seen Emma and her mom of My GBGV Life tell me and Kimberly of Keep the Tail Wagging that as our dogs get in the habit of daily walks and runs, none of us will be able to imagine life without them. I admit, I have been a little skeptical! … More Frustrated Fit Dog

On Sensitive Dogs

Sweet, smart, and sensitive. They’re great traits in a dog, right? But if you’ve lived with a sweet, smart, sensitive dog before, and particularly if you’re kind of a pushy training nerd like me, you might know that that isn’t the whole story. Sensitive dogs can really challenge us as trainers, and they freak out … More On Sensitive Dogs

Bits and bobs

A week in the life of a fittening dog: Nala’s Gotcha Day was last weekend, so, among other indulgences, we went on two really lovely hikes with her. During one of her creek swimming ventures, Nala found an extremely excellent stick at the water’s edge. She even retrieved it! Well, mostly. This may not seem … More Bits and bobs

Close Encounters

It’s been a week of weird encounters for a certain wonderful dog and I. Last week, a terrier. Just hanging out in a front yard–not necessarily its own. It looked like an Australian silky terrier, but that seems improbable–it was probably just a Yorkie with unusual coloring. Anyway, it saw us across the street and … More Close Encounters