Mountain goat? – Fit Dog Friday

Last weekend on one of our hikes, Nala gave me cause to wonder: is she a dog, or is she a mountain goat?

I’m not sure whether goats like to get their feet wet, but she was leaping in and out of the creek despite having to clear a rock ledge that was nearly taller than she is

First she leaps up out of the creek, then cheerfully follows some scent…
…and back into the water she goes!

My favorite, though, was later, when we came to the same steep, rocky, yet scale-able bit of cliff as we had taken a couple of weeks ago when Nala did her very best to lay down for me.

The bottom is pretty easy to scale, but the left side of the picture, directly below me, shows a three or four foot high wall of rock.
The bottom is pretty easy to scale, but the left side of the picture, where the shadow abruptly stops near the center, shows a three or four foot high wall of rock.

Nala leapt confidently up the first part, then, instead of taking the steps, tried to climb a wall straight up! I was really worried, but decided not to say anything–I knew she would fall if she looked back at me, so I bit my tongue, held my breath, and watched her somehow haul herself up a vertical surface.

I love hiking with Nala. She always surprises me with how she decides to take on the world.

so happy!
“What can I say? I’m just amazing.”



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13 thoughts on “Mountain goat? – Fit Dog Friday

    1. Wow! Biscuit has some serious skills–what a little terrier! I’m glad Nala didn’t try to climb anything that high–I’d have had a heart attack! She would have had to carry me home.

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  1. Barley definitely has some mountain goat DNA, too! But I’m terrified of heights and a total “helicopter parent,” so I do my best to keep her from doing much rock hopping–and the panic I feel when I have to go down steep slopes seems to let her know that she needs to heel and not give into the mountain goat tendencies 😉 Glad that Nala provided such fun entertainment on your adventure!


    1. Oh, I am also terrified of heights! I’m actually really surprised that I didn’t call her and cause her to fall! Nala has a pretty nice “whoa!” command, but it’s hit or miss when she’s being a goat. 🙂


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