Kerfuffle: (almost) Wordless Wednesday

See the kitty? It's the white speck left of her head.

Isn’t her poofy little bustle cute?

A bit of a weird walk this morning. It’s Garbage Day, and garbage trucks are still very firmly on Nala’s list of Scary Things. That meant that instead of walking on our usual streets, Nala asked to go further away from the garbage truck and walk down a (somewhat trafficked) street we usually avoid. She spent the first couple of minutes very worried indeed–but she perked up a bit when she saw a cat in a window, and got still more cheerful–if a bit over-excited–when she saw the cat¹ in this picture a few houses further down, and started playing Look at That (Cat)! with me.

All of this added up to a quite comical partial piloerection when the kitty, Nala’s new slightly-terrifying potential best friend, started following us! Nevertheless, seeing this cat helped Nala put her worries aside, stop stress-sniffing, and play some games with me.

What unexpected friendships have your dogs tried to forge on walks? Have you ever been surprised by what helps your dog be brave?

1. A note on Nala, cats, and generalization: Nala approaches cats like they’re dogs to whom she should be very appeasing and charming, and mostly respects their signals–unless they run. I think her intentions are probably good, but I never want to find out for sure whether Nala feels predatory toward them, which is why we play Look at That! and practice recalls whenever we see one. With cats we see every day, she knows the drill; every time we see a cat in a new place, she takes a couple of seconds before remembering the game–generalization at work.

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3 thoughts on “Kerfuffle: (almost) Wordless Wednesday

    1. Aw, that’s really sweet! Nala hates the truck itself so much that I think she would only forgive it I let her jump in and roll in the garbage.


  1. Riley is aggressive toward other dogs, so we’ve always assumed he wouldn’t get along with cats either. But on our walk yesterday, a beautiful white cat approached him on the sidewalk, and he LOVED her! It was the cutest thing 🙂 I guess our dogs just like to pick and choose who they get along with 🙂


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