Sitting pretty: (almost) wordless wednesday

Nala is about 85% ears
must! maintain! focus!

Behold a wondrous feat! A long, deep-chested dog holding her “sit pretty” for several seconds!

The adorable expression on her face is brought to you by “reverse luring,” a technique I started using to build duration on this behavior largely by accident. I first read about it here. She’s staring hopefully at an open, It’s Yer Choice-style hand of food, which I’m delivering right to her mouth, slowly and calmly. Having that focal point really helped her develop the strength to stay up for more than a millisecond! I’m going to have to fade it soon, though, and add a verbal cue.

All told, we’ve spent a few months on this behavior, and it’s still only on a hand signal. What’s the longest you’ve spent on a behavior?

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6 thoughts on “Sitting pretty: (almost) wordless wednesday

    1. Oh, picturing that made me laugh! Video, please! 😀 Maybe you should just rename the trick to acknowledge that she’s launching herself across the floor on her belly!


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