more on our canine heroine

Nala is an affable creature.


She likes most things

like, for instance, watering cans

She likes other dogs

So much!

She likes her people

“come across the water, girl human! what are you waiting for?”

And crashing around in the water

so wet! so happy!

And staring at squirrels

so much smile!

and wagging at cats, then looking away from the aforementioned cats and getting cheese.

“cheese please!”

She’ll eat anything you hand her at least once

Even asparagus. But only if you hand it to her.

And she’s a skilled and agreeable sharer of couches.

She really does consist primarily of ears.
She really does consist primarily of ears.

She startles and spooks very easily.

see the conflicted body language? Her ears are all interest, but her weight in her back feet and wrinkled brow give away her hesitance. She continually startled and returned to this rock, and did the same thing on our return journey. Weirdo.

But her inclination is generally to investigate the scary thing, to give it a chance–once–and then to avoid it forever after.

[Speaking of scary things, keep your pets safe today! Here’s the advice of the always excellent Patricia McConnell on that subject. Have a lovely fourth of July.]


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