An Olfactory Cue?

Time for another story about how Nala sees the world! One day, when I had had Nala for about five months, I realized–yet again–that despite doing a very good impression of doing so, Nala does not speak English. Five months isn’t very long, and so, unsurprisingly, there were some behaviors that I had declared good … More An Olfactory Cue?

Sitting pretty: (almost) wordless wednesday

Behold a wondrous feat! A long, deep-chested dog holding her “sit pretty” for several seconds! The adorable expression on her face is brought to you by “reverse luring,” a technique I started using to build duration on this behavior largely by accident. I first read about it here. She’s staring hopefully at an open, It’s … More Sitting pretty: (almost) wordless wednesday

By any name

What do words mean to your dog? I am willing to bet that you and your dog define several words very differently. Take, for instance, your dog’s name–and many of its variations. When I say, “Nala!” or “Puppy!” or “Puppy-girl [-face, -pie, infinite nonsensical variations],” I am, naturally, thinking of my dog as her individual, … More By any name

First, Deal with Emotions–a tale of a training mistake

I’m new to this bloggin thing, obviously, and part of me had been hoping to convince you all, at least for a glorious little while, that I am always thoughtful, observant, respectful, patient, and wise when it comes to training Nala the Wonderful. Spoiler alert: I’m not. Honestly, though, it’s a little bit of a … More First, Deal with Emotions–a tale of a training mistake